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Welcome to Land Jam, a collaboration between Ohio artists Natalie Lanese and Andrea Myers. The installation represents a joining of their individual methods, techniques, and materials. Typically, Lanese works with paint in bold, geometric patterns, while Myers creates colorful textile-based works with undulating lines and shapes. Both are interested in and inspired by the power of color and the natural world. 


The process of working together on this project became an artistic “jam session,” which resulted in a site-specific installation that reflects both artists’ perspectives and working methods. The space has been transformed into an imagined landscape that merges local terrain, such as the ledges of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, with further flung environments such as rock formations of the American Southwest. The immersive colors, lines, and shapes are designed to welcome you in and invite you to consider how this playful, bold landscape impacts your mood and perspective. So, jump in and make yourself at home. The artists hope to provide you with an unforgettable memory and  sense of joy.

-Gina Thomas McGee, Director of Learning and Engagement, Akron Art Museum, 2023

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