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Fabric surrounds us. It is on our bodies, in our space, and moves with us. In my work, I translate found, donated and repurposed fabrics into densely patterned fabric installations and picture planes.  Using the language of color field painting combined with a gestural and a bit rebellious approach to quilt making, disparate color combinations, organic formations and shifting shapes merge. Zigzags of fabric brush strokes pulse on and off the wall, building a soft geometry, transcending the original form and function of the fabric.


Patchworking the space through a slow process of sewing, cutting, and collaging fabric, an accumulation of sewn samplers amass into large-scale panoramas. Quick collage cutting of fabrics and haphazard machine sewn

stitching that resembles drawn lines fuse technicolor swatches into an incremental immersive whole, envelop and imbed the viewer in a soft emotive setting. I fill the peripheral view with saturated color, the repetitions of rectangular striations coupled with meandering sewn lines cutting through the picture plane. The density of patterning stretches across surfaces, suggesting expansive views of imagined waterways, skyscapes, and erosions, striations or something and somewhere in between. 


The work echoes the material’s site of collection and the environment. I incorporate denim in moments to not only emulate the liquidity of water in the landscape, but also to acknowledge the excessive water it takes to produce denim. Cut squares from tee shirts combine into soft sided pixelated fields. Donated domestic textiles and utilitarian fabrics are repurposed and renewed, converging together on my constructed surfaces and transcending their original uses and symbolism. In the patchworked whole, fabrics become a stitched and seamless community, symbolizing a tactile moment in time.

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